Next Week

Heads Up for next week 🙂 Due to my beautiful niece’s Baptism in NY, and taking the opportunity to restock at the largest proper asian market north of NYC, we will not be open this Monday (usually so) and Tuesday (Jan. 30th & 31st). We love you all, and wil see you this weekend, Think Snow!fb_img_1485440664539

We love You, Please Still Love Us

The secret is out and we’re meeting more new friends everyday. Regretfully we weren’t ready to make as many friends as we did last weekend and we got walloped! Which is great, but also means we have two f.ull days of prepping and driving to secure noodles, cha-shu pork belly, and 36 hr marinated eggs so we do our best to never sell out again. We love you, and feel terrible we didn’t have your ramen fix this Monday and Tuesday, BUT, we’ll be rockin and rollin’ Wednesday 11:30 with Oodles and oodles of noodles. We love you, please still love us :). img_0017

The Tea is FREE

Friends! Our transition to consistent hours as we work out kinks and ready for the Holidays is almost complete. This Week  Dec. 11th-18th we will be open Thursday-Sunday 12:pm-5:pm . We will be in there today having an un-belly-vable Cha-shu pork extravaganza. Come say hello and the Tea is FREE. 

Cha-Shu Pork Belly

Re-Birth of Braised Cha-shu Pork Belly for the fall. Hot Ramen!

Ready or Not, Here We Come!

It is with a bark, roar, cockatoo, and yaba-daba-do, that we announce our opening day: this Saturday, November 26th🤗. We promise you your leftovers will not hold it against you if you sneak in a steamy bowl of Miso this weekend. Especially after you slay some opening season turns at Jay. Viva la Winter, Viva la Noodles, Viva la Fresh POW for Opening Day! Stop in this week to see us cooking and putting on the final touches.

Craftsbury Tonight and Ye Ol’ Tram (days 3 & 4)

Incase you’re looking for a that ramen fix and can’t wait until November, we’ll be slinging Noodles at the Craftsbury General Store Tonight from 4:pm-close. There are many amazing gerneral stores in VT, and Craftsbury is definitely near the top. Come slurp with us! In the meantime, here are some photos from days 3 & 4 in Ye Ol’ Tram. Our equipment is in!img_9017img_9718img_4727img_8546img_5227img_3902img_6996img_4430

Sh*^ Just Got Real

1005161257cThe rumors are true and the stoke is at an all time High. Yesterday marked our first day remodeling Thee Ol’ Tram Car at Jay Peak Resort. That’s right, two of life’s most incredible habits: Slaying powder and Slaying Ramen, will be joined as one this season on the slopes of Jay Peak.  The amazing support throughout this community and from Jay Peak is beyond words. All we can say is Thank You, from the deepest part of our human hearts, and to promise you we will do everything in our power to chef the best damn ramen this side of Japan (A.K.A east of the Missippi). Here are some Pics from the first days of cleaning, painting and counter building 🙂

Flyin High in Chittenden County


Big city, massive planes, and oodles and oodles of Noodles. Nestled along the Burlington Waterfront, we’ll be serving our signature Spicy and Miso Ramen as well as our new summer Shoyu Ramen during the Vermont National Guard Air Show this Friday- Sunday (Aug. 12th-14th). Crazy planes doing equally crazy maneuvers at speeds we can’t even imagine AND ramen? Nothing better.

No Place Like Home

Jeezum Crow StageStoke is approaching dangerous levels as we start preparing for three days close to home. Starting Thursday night we will be at the Montgomery Rec. Center for the first time this summer, jaming to Sweet Jayne and Friday and Saturday we’ll be slingin’ noodles at Jay Peak’s 3rd Annual Jeezum Crow Festival. We look forward to spending the weekend in our beautiful NEK community. We plan to run our summer noodle menu with the new Shoyu addition and a few surprises for Jeezum 😉

Edward (ramen) Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros!

There are concerts that rock, some that are better to roll at, and the rare ones full of raw instrumental and vocal power that blow you away. Edward sharp and the Magnetic Zeros will be the latter. As a bonus, We’ll be there dancing and slinging noodles with you at the Shelburne Museum 5:30 pm-10:ish pm. Buy your tickets HERE and come enjoy a great meal accompanied by great music (or is it vic versa?).Edward-Sharpe-The-Magnetic-Zeros