Still on the Hill whilst Bringing Sexy Back


After two weeks beginning a delicious adventure with Hill Farmstead Brewery, we are very happy to announce we are continuing the adventure well into this fall. That’s right, Wednesday to Saturday for the next few weeks you’ll find us, brew-side, in Greensboro feeding delicious Ramen to beer connoisseurs from around the globe. We’ve introduced our summer Ramen Salads (Hiyashi Chuka) to new friends from Germany, Brazil, Peru, Newfoundland, England, and heaps of eager americans looking for the world’s most acclaimed craft brews. We look forward to meeting new friends and hope to see some old faces coming to share in this delicious pairing!

CIMG2833FURTHER MORE, a coldish-rainy-stormy-leaf changing-week ahead has Momo and I ready to bring sexy back. By sexy, we mean Momo’s world famous Miso Ramen. We are sad to see our summer wonder go… The turkey-ginger-miso stir-fry (Stonewood Farm), the super fresh veggies from Mountain Wind Farm, our secret recipe noodles from Vermont Fresh, and Momo’s amazing Sesame and Ponzu dressings… but it is time. This, believe-you-me is a very tasty change!

If you remember a delicious summer ramen experience, leave us a comment and share this post for a free side dish anytime at the brewery.

3 thoughts on “Still on the Hill whilst Bringing Sexy Back

  1. I’ve tried the ramen hot, (the pork belly is amazing!) and I’ve tried it cold (LOVE the Ponzu with the fresh squeezed orange juice!) My little girl had a serious gyoza addiction and still asks for karage chicken every weekend. But my favorite Miso Hungry summer memory was early lunchtime on a lazy Sunday. I enjoyed the Ponzu salad with the karage on top (deliciousness!) while Jordan made rock sculptures with my girls 🙂


  2. I remember a cold Sunday late morning driving down from the hill with my two daughters sometime in February. They had ridden the am and I was just finishing work. We headed for home and both asked for noodles. I remember it being really cold out and I remember listening to Eminem on the radio. We pulled into the lot and Dehlia stayed in the car and Maeve came out to order with me. 3 big bowls. And we sat in the car and ate them. The windows steamed up immediately and the car smelled like ginger and garlic and bone-broth. I caught myself for second, during the frenzy that follows the freeing up of chopsticks, and thought about how simply fantastic life is. And how simple it is to feel fantastic.


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