The Miso Hungry Noodle

So… Where do our noodles come from?CIMG2902

They come from 23 years of experience making noodles, and 31 years experience of eating Japanese Ramen. From the best natural flours, and a chemists attention to detail. From an obsession and passion for only the highest quality noodles, and from a dedicated collaboration between Miso Hungry and Vermont Fresh Pasta. As Ramen slowly begins to take over Vermont, we are proud to know we are working with the best noodle producers in the state to keep our business VT sourced and incredibly delicious.

With Momo’s knowledge (claiming over 3,500 bowls of ramen to her name) and Ken and Tricia’s attention to detail and willingness to collaborate beyond their already delicious Ramen recipe, we are excited and priveldged to announce we have successfully developed the authentic Japanese Miso Hungry Noodle. Thank you Vermont Fresh Pasta!vermont fresh pasta logo

You can find out more about Vermont Fresh and find their other incredible recipes online at

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