Ramengeddon and the Mission to Switchback


Holy adventures, Batman! The first super hero move of the week will be an official Miso Hungry experimentation with variations on the first ever “Dumpling Cookie.” What does that mean, you ask? Come to Jay Peak this Saturday to the Tailgate Party to find out!


Like this but way more people and way warmer weather!

Our second somber yet celebratory adventure is to throw the first ever Ramengeddon! At our location on the sunset strip in Jay, VT we’ll be cranking noodles buy 1 bowl and get your second round 1/2 off  ( Jay employees this also applies to the secret price you pay 😉 ). Here’s the plan: We bring extra tables, chairs, and love, and crank music and noodles in the sunshine with frisbees and kendama and any other lawn games we can find by then. Our goal is to keep everyone at the shop until the sun goes down or until we sell out of noodles. Refreshment will also be sacrificed in the name of the Ramengeddon. This will be our last day in Jay for the season!

switchback logoOur last mission from the heavens is to announce our trip to Switchback Brewery next week April 21st-23rd. We will be open during Their taproom’s normal business hours. This also includes $4.00 Smoked Märzen pints Saturday all day for the Reinheitsgebot 500th anniversary! For this event we will be morphing into Weisso Hungry and will be interweaving German and Japanese cuisine! (Yes, of course it is possible). Don’t miss this rare adventure to Chittenden County

We look forward to seeing all of you! Shoot me in e-mail if you have any questions jordan.l.antonucci@gmail.com or call/text me anytime 518-605-4474 🙂

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