Summer Calendar

Even though it’s snowing outside, Mine and Momo’s brains are happily focused on a hot steamy summer filled with amazing music, facepaint, flailing arms, seltzer, bare dirty dancing feet, and smiles glowing ear to ear. That’s right it’s festival Season!



Without further adieu, find us at a venue near you 🙂

Follow the links for tickets and event info 🙂

May 27th, Saturday, Shelburne, VT… Cake @ The Green at Shelburne Museum.

June 7th-11th, Peterborough, NH… The Thing in The Spring

June 16th, Friday, Shelburne, VT… Lake Street Dive @ The Green at Shelburne Museum

June 20th, Tuesday, Shelburne, VT… Bob Dylan @The Green at Shelburne Museum

June 21st-25th… Wanderlust @ Stratton, VT

June 29th-July2nd… Frendly Gathering, Sugarbush, VT

July 12th, Wednesday, Shelburne, VT… My Morning Jacket@ The Green at Shelburne Museum

July 14th-16th… Jeezum Crow, Jay, VT

July 23rd Sunday, Shelburne, VT… Elvis Costello and The Imposters @The Green at Shelburne Museum

July 27th-31st… Ossipee Bluegrass Festival, Ossipee, ME

August 2nd, Wednesday, Shelburne, VT… Alabama Shakes @ The Green at Shelburne Museum

August 3rd, Thursday, Shelburne, VT… Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats@ The Green at Shelburne Museum

August 12th… August West, Jay Village, VT

August 18th-20th… Boogie and Blues, Thornton, NH

September 8th-10th… Otis Mountain Get Down, Elizabethtown, NY

September 30th, Shelburne, VT… Ringo Matsuri (Japanese Taiko Drum Festival)

October 6th-8th… Stowe Foliage Festival, Stowe, VT


Other Dates not here include TBD Thursdays in Montgomery, VT for an incredible music series called Summer Sessions and Tuesdays in Johnson for Tuesday Night Live.



2 thoughts on “Summer Calendar

  1. Ohayou! This is Alana from Burlington Taiko. We are having our biennial Ringo Matsuri at Shelburne Orchards this year on Saturday, September 30 and we would love to have you be there again, it was so fun to have your ramen presence in 2015! I hope you can come, sincerely, Alana Torraca


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