We Lied, Dumplings Saturday!

I know we are better than this but it is true… We lied to you, and are seriously apologetic for pulling on your heart strings but… we will be open this Saturday (no sunday) with Dumplings in Steamy Ramen. Momo’s mom has refused the Boston Symphony Orchestra because of her genuine stoke slingin’ dumplings in the shop. We’ll still get some coastal lobsta’ on Sunday, but Saturday it’ll be heads down and bottoms up. Don’t forget to bring personal refreshment to rinse down your noodles and Gyoza!0313161715

Before they go Back to Japan

Here is a friendly reminder that this week Wednesday the 30th-Friday the 1st is your last chance to score some of Momo’s mother’s handmade “gyoza” dumplings. Naoko is only in town for a few more days and we really want you to experience a perfectly rolled rare slice of Japan. We will be open Wed-Fri this week Noon-6PM. And we will be closed Saturday and Sunday to take Momo’s mom on a trip to the coast for lobster!



Dumplings Are Back!

1016152053aTo our fearless hungry and absolutely wonderful friends, both new and old, we are happy to announce the Prodigal Gyoza Chef is back this week! That’s right, Momo’s mom, Naoko, will be coming to visit us from Japan to grace Miso Hungry with her handmade secret gyoza dumpling recipe. Actually, she’s here to see Jay in spring, our smiling faces, and to drink Vermont beer… buuuut, she is also stoked to cook her delicious dumplings for all of our amazing friends.

The action goes live this weekend March 26th-27th, until she sells out. Come out and practice your Japanese and taste a rare chance of authentic handmade Gyoza!




All Pumped Up

Noticing Miso looking more toned than usual, we figured he was ready to spot us during our daily routine at the gym. Miso even got a few reps in himself.

After our session we finished at the sauna, obviously, where Miso told Momo and I: “Even after a good pump I like to slurp Ramen” and we all laughed hitting each other on the back and backside, and after a few rat-tail towel snaps we showered up and hit the ramen shop pumped WAY up. And why you ask? 1.) We just hit the gym 2.) it isn’t raining 3.) Jay Peak is 100% open and skiing amazing 4.) Because Ramen pumps us up Wed-Sun Noon-6:PM

Liquid Snow = Situational Ramen



There are few positives that come from liquid snow in the heart of winter, but there is at least one: a steamy bowl of Momo’s incredible Spicy Miso.

Guarantee: If Momo’s ramen doesn’t warm you up after a soupy day of New England Clam Chowda ski conditions your noodles will not only be free, but we will give you our entire Ramen shop!


Snow! Open Everyday This Week :)


Hello friends, we have survived the spring conditions the last few weeks and are stoked to be moving into the weekend with over a foot of new snow! Viva la Jay Cloud! To celebrate the snow, and president’s week, we will be open everyday this week noon-6:pm and will stay open for reservations from 6-7 for groups of 4 or more in the warming hut!

Come let us ramen you right 😉

The Rumors are True!

The rumors are in fact true. And although my new ski helmet did not arrive from Bern yet, Momoko and I are still leaving for Japan this Saturday night after normal business hours. We are going on a reconnaissance mission for future guided ski trips to Japan whilst re-analyzing  our homeland ramen taste buds. Miso Hungry will be closed from January 10th-January 22nd and will open on Saturday January 23rd.  Please, Please, Please help us spread the word 🙂

That said, we are still rockin’ and rollin’ until 6PM on Saturday. Come on in and get your ramen fix!!!

ramen meny

Only 32 Left! A Friendly Heads Up

winter ramen shopWe ordered A LOT of noodles this entire holiday period, but with the amazing help of so many new and old friends we are about to sell out of Ramen again this week (most likely tomorrow). Believe you me, we don’t want to do it, but with the New Year holiday and weekend we had no chance in summoning our hand crafted noodles from the simmering depths of our hearts and those of our comrades: Vermont Fresh Pasta. We can’t thank you all enough for your support and hungry bellies so far this season. We truly love cooking our Ramen for you!

Kindest, Jordan and Momo

Open Christmas Eve and Day!

1221151902aAs the warming smell of fresh toasted sesame alludes to the taste of Christmas Ramen Cheer, Momoko and I are gearing up for 12 straight days of ramening as many friends and family as humanly possible. We’ll be open from Wed the 23rd from NOON-6PM for the entire Holiday season taking reservations for our ramen warming hut AFTER 6PM for dinner 🙂 Call 518-605-4474 to book!

Holiday Schedule

Konichiwa!! The weather is about to change and we are super ready with fresh broth, a fine tuned noodle recipe from Vermont Fresh Pasta, crisp local veggies and Momo’s incredible braised pork belly.

Ready for winter

My entire family will be joining us this weekend for a pre-Christmas Christmas and we will not be open Saturday and Sunday this week. BUT BUT BUT we will be open this week Wednesday-Friday and twelve days straight Wednesday the 23rd everyday until January 3rd!!!

Holiday Scehdule:

Want to eat after 6:PM ? call 518-605-4474 to make a reservation in our warming hut!!

Wednesday 16th – Noon-6:PM

Thrusday 17th – Noon-6:PM

Friday 18th – Noon-6:PM

Saturady 19th and Sunday 20th Christmas with our family

Wednesday 23rd to Sunday January 3rd Everyday – Noon-6:PM