Flora Cuvée and the Otis Mountain Getdown


This week’s Schedule:

Wed – Hill Farmstead Brewery10am-6pm                                   Thurs – Hill Farmstead Brewery10am-6pm                                    Fri-Sun – Otis Mountain Getdown Elizabethtown, NY

Another action packed week ahead as we help introduce a long awaited 2012 Flora Cuvée at Hill Farmstead Brewery and onto the Charlotte-Essex Ferry by 8:AM for the Otis Mountain Get Down until Sunday night. Here’s what avid beer drinkers are in for with the Flora Cuvée:

“Flora is the wine barrel-aged version of Florence, our grandfather’s sister, as well as the name of our wheat farmstead ale. In her honor, we fill French oak wine barrels with Florence and allow the beer to mature in the presence of our resident microflora. After extended aging, a beautifully complex beer emerges; Florence becomes Flora.

On occasion, though, some portion of Flora exceeds even our highest expectations; Flora Cuvée represents that singular moment, a true zenith of Flora.

Each 750ml bottle is naturally carbonated and hand-waxed.”

otis mtn get

As for Otis Mountain Getdown, tickets are only  $50!  Buy them HERE and come have an incredible time with us. 72 hours of straight ramen and dancing into Autumn!

This NEK of the Woods



After a week introducing Momo’s Incredible Ramen to Burlington, we are finally back in the North East Kingdom. Our Next ramen adventure brings us back to Montgomery Center Tomorrow (Thursday) 6-9pm, serving Veggie Ramen, and Miso and Spicy Miso Ramen soup dishes to accompany the great music. Following Montgomery we’re back to Newport Center to celebrate a Jay family Wedding on Saturday.




As for next week, we are incredibly excited to pair Ramen with Hill Farmstead Beer, 11-6:pm Wednesday-Friday, and begin a tasty relationship of world class beer and Momo’s world famous Miso!!

100% VT Local & our Burlington Debut


jeezum crow festival

Sunset at Jeezum Crow at Jay feeding our extended family delicious Hot Ramen

This Week: Miso Hungry makes its Burlington debut at the Shelburne Museum for the Ben & Jerry’s Concert Series on the Green. Thursday July 30th with The Decemberists, Saturday Aug. 1st with The Avett Brothers, and Tuesday Aug. 4th with Bonnie Raitt. For Burlington we will be featuring Miso and Spicy Miso Ramen with our braised (cha-shu) pork belly medallions from winter, flame broiled to perfection, and topped with fresh VT pea shoots, marinated egg, and chilled red onions. As of last weekend with veggies coming into season, every item from our noodles to the pork belly is now sourced completely in VT. We’ve been looking forward to this point all season, and look forward to continuing these relationship far into winter and beyond.chashu

We thank all of our farmers and want to extend a very special thanks to Vermont Fresh Pasta for helping produce our very own Miso Hungry ramen noodle recipe and their patience throughout the long testing and experimenting process.

This Week’s Schedule:

Wednesday: Jeffersonville Farmer’s Market 4:30-dusk (as long as we are completely prepped for Thursday)

Thursday: Shelbune Museum with The Decemberists 6-late

Saturday:Shelbune Museum with The Avett Brothers 6-late

Tuesday:Shelbune Museum with Bonnie Rait 6-late

Jeezum Crow = Yahoo!!!

Good Day Friends,


Same Crew, Same Shinnanegans! This time with new bigger and More delicious Ramen 🙂


Lit Up and Cranking!

This week we have a wild schedule ending in the big finale at our home field Jay Peak. This year is Jay’s second annual Jeezum Crow festival featuring names such as The Dark Star Orchestra and Lukas Nelson it runs from Friday to Sunday Morning and is absolutely worth the trip and $65. The music will be great and the food will be even better.



Momo is toasting up her secret Toasted Miso recipe as we speak and the caramelized onions, roasted garlic, ginger, and sesame are filling the air with deliciousness. That’s right, HOT RAMEN NOODLES this weekend AFTER 7:PM Friday and Saturday and Ramen Salads during the day, featuring Jordan’s new Local Maple and Candied Beet fusion dressing.


This Week’s Schedule:

Wednesday: Jeffersonville Farmer’s Mrkt 4:30-8pm

Thursday: Montgomery Summer Concert Series 6-9pm

Friday-Sunday: Jay Peak’s Jeezum Crow Festival OPEN LATE

Off to the Races!


After two weekends and nearly 1,000 gyoza pcs, Naoko, Momo’s mother leaves for Japan tomorrow. We are going to miss her chef’s advice, her gyoza, and sincerely the after work beers and laughter. Unfortunately with mom also goes the gyoza until this fall when we will once again be cranking hot ramen and both her parents will come for two weeks.

Next Up: Tomorrow and Thursday we are adding two markets to our summer schedule, Jeffersonville and Fairfax. We are super excited to join the farmer’s, chefs, artists, and hungry patrons at these new locations and look forward to bringing some authentic and creative tastes to a new audience.

This Week’s Schedule

Wednesday Jeffersonville Mrkt-4:30 to dusk

Thursday Fairfax Mrkt-4:30-dusk

Friday Hardwick Mrkt-3-6pm

Saturday Newport Mrkt-9:am-2:pm

Sunday – Off

a classy photo from a festival in the Australian desert (I suppose we'll be a lot more conservative when our business and livelihood is at stake :) )

a classy photo from a festival in the Australian desert (I suppose we’ll be a lot more conservative when our business and livelihood is at stake 🙂 )

In other news and PLEASE PASS THIS ON, we will not be at any markets from June 15th-July 1st. We are very excited to join the Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival, and the Frendly Gathering Event in Southern Vermont.

Lastly, We love you all, Come and find Us!!!

-Jordan, Momo, and Miso

Gyoza is Back!



Believe me when I say, DO NOT MISS us this weekend and hopefully the next. Momo’s Mom is in town and will be cooking her legendary Gyoza (Japanese Fried Dumplings), with Momo and I while she is here.



These dumplings are made with the best local ingredients available and will be made fresh to order. Naoko is traveling 15,000 miles from Chiba, Japan to cook with us for a couple weeks and if there was anytime you should go out of your way dine with Miso Hungry, this is the time to do so.



This Weekend’s Schedule:

Hardwick Farmer’s market 3:pm-6:pm

Newport Farmer’s Market 9:am-3:pm

Sunday in Newport at the bottom of Mt Vernon St. Across from Glenn Road 11:am-3:pm